Advanced Rooftop with Rescue Training

This course aims to provide the delegate with an advanced knowledge of how to work safely at height and be able to carry out a rescue if a fall occurred.

Advanced Rooftop with Rescue Training

Ensure you have the right training for the right situation.
The key to protecting yourself at height is not only ensuring you have the right equipment but the right training.
This course will ensure the delegates have the skills, knowledge and ability to carry out work at height including the repose in a rescue situation.

This course covers:
• Overview of health & safety legislation, regulations and Personal Protective Equipment legislation
• Hierarchy of Risk and the Difference between fall restraint & fall arrest
• Correct choice of equipment & planning
• Assessments of hazards & risk
• Understanding of Suspension Trauma
• Pre-use checks of all equipment
• Identification of safe areas to work and suitable Anchor Points
• Safe use of ladders
• Work positioning techniques
• Certification and inspection of fall protection equipment
• Rescue plans & Situations
• Use of a controlled Descent Device & other Rescue Equipment
• First aid Actions
• Understanding techniques used for safe methods of climbing
• Practical element using fall protection & rescue equipment

By the end of the course, delegates will be able to have the skills to complete work at height and carry out a rescue safely.

  • Certification valid for 3 years
  • Two days - 14 guided learning hours
  • Per Booking - Max 6 people

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