Confined Space Entry: High Risk (CSC03)

Working in High Risk confined spaces exposes an individual to a range of potential hazards, some of which may be an immediate threat to life and health. Therefore, specialist training and assessment are required to equip those undertaking this work with the necessary skills and competencies to assess risk, control hazards, and work safely.

Course Aim

This course is about working in confined space environments that have non-standard entries and which, in consequence, makes rescue difficult.

Entry may involve complex entry procedures and there will be work-specific controls and rescue arrangements. It will entail the use of a self-contained open-circuit breathing apparatus, specialist detection equipment, and resuscitation equipment.

It will require the presence of personnel who have designated responsibilities for controlling entry and dealing with emergencies.


Confined Space Entry: High Risk (CSC03)

Course Content

  • Definition of a confined space (HSE, C&G, Water UK NC1-NC4 classifications)
  • Specified risks
  • Duties under the Regulations, preventing the need for entry
  • Risk assessment and hazard identification
  • Atmospheric hazards and gases
  • Principles and use of gas detectors
  • Safe systems of work and permits to work
  • Roles, responsibilities and top man / bottom man duties
  • Inspection and use escape sets and working breathing apparatus
  • Pre-use checks of equipment including correct donning and adjustment of harnesses
  • Inspection and applications of tripods, winches and fall arrest equipment
  • Practical exercises and assessments

Learning Outcomes

  • Prepare to work safely in high risk confined spaces
  • Enter and exit high risk confined spaces safely
  • Prepare and use self-contained open circuit breathing apparatus in accordance with manufacturer’s instructions
  • Use equipment and tools safely and in accordance with manufacturer’s instructions
  • Follow procedures and work safely
  • Deal with emergencies
  • Use appropriate behaviour when working in high risk confined spaces
  • Understand legislation governing working in high risk confined spaces
  • Apply appropriate industry specific knowledge for working in high risk confined spaces

Course Assessment

  • Direct observation of an entry into a high risk confined space
  • Written test in line with the National Occupational Standards
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  • Three days
  • Max of 8 people per course
  • Training Academy or on-site
  • Eurosafe Certificate
  • Valid for 3 years
  • City & Guilds L2 6160-03 available
  • In accordance with Confined Space Regulations 1997 and National Occupational Standards
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