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Working at Height in Transport Industry

Falls from vehicles are the most common form of accident involving workplace transport. A fall from a vehicle could be due to slipping and falling from loads, access steps and ladders, broken ropes or torn sheets causing overbalancing, inappropriate footwear, bad weather, and lack of awareness/training.

You can eliminate the risk of a fall from height when working with transport by:

  • Using ground-based controls – Using gauges and controls that are accessible at ground level eliminates the risk of falling from height.
  • Automatic sheeting – Automatic sheeting systems are also an effective way of avoiding the need for workers to climb on vehicles.

You can reduce the risk of falls occurring when working at height by:

  • Requiring authorisation – Only workers with permission can access the tops of vehicles.
  • Protective equipment – If working from height can’t be avoided then protective equipment that prevents falls from height should be used.

Working at Height Training

Correct work at height training should also be provided in addition to the above methods of eliminating and reducing the risk of falls from height when using vehicles in the workplace. Lack of correct training on work at height risk assessments, working and rescuing procedure can create an unsafe working environment. Eurosafe Solutions can offer a full range of height safety training courses to provide tailored solutions for your needs.

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