Pharmaceutical Industry

Confined Spaces in Pharmaceutical Industry

The pharmaceutical manufacturing industry is very diverse. There are various processes that require complex machinery and confined spaces are also often present within these processes. The pharmaceutical manufacturing industry also uses toxic and inert gases, extreme temperature and mechanical equipment. All of these factors can make a confined space much more dangerous. The final products also produced during pharmaceutical manufacturing can have negative impacts on a workers health so exposure to these materials must be limited.

Examples of Confined Spaces in Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Industry

  • Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient (API) production: Reactor vessels
  • Biotech: Process systems, fermentation vessels and purification systems
  • Proportioning: Containment rooms, HVAC systems
  • Mixing & Granulation: Large sifters, granulators and blending equipment
  • Liquid processes: Storage and mixing tanks, filter presses
  • Tablet and pellet coating: Mixing and coating drums

Working in Confined Space Training

The pharmaceutical manufacturing industry is one of many industries where correct confined space training is vital to worker safety. Lack of correct training on confined space risk assessments, working and rescuing procedures can create an unsafe working environment. Eurosafe Solutions can offer a full range of confined space training courses to provide tailored solutions for your needs.

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