Aerospace & Aviation Industry

Confined Spaces in Aerospace & Aviation Industry

Maintenance and inspection play a vital role in ensuring aircraft airworthiness in the aircraft industry. These inspection and maintenance tasks often require a high-level competency of the personnel performing the tasks. These levels of competency can often be compromised by extraneous factors associated with various types of job functions, one of which is confined space work. Some of the most important functions associated with aircraft inspection and maintenance are conducted in confined spaces.

Confined Space Training

Aircraft Maintenance is a complex industry and correct confined spaces training is vital to worker safety. Industry specific risks and hazards require specialist training and dedicated consideration before work in confined spaces commences. Lack of correct training on confined space risk assessments, working and rescuing procedures can create an unsafe working environment. Eurosafe Solutions can offer a full range of confined space training courses to provide tailored solutions for your needs.

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