Pharma Client Case Study

Pharma Client – Case Study

From the initial enquiry for training after a change of ownership at a training site, the client needed help to bring the site up to a compliant standard as it had many confined spaces over the site.

The current process did not fit with the change of ownership and improved production on the site.

We offered consultancy to help them produce a confined space register and identify the areas where the procedures for isolating and locking off plant and equipment needed to be improved.

The Process

We were able to put our partner in to give a full appraisal of the current lock-off and tag-out procedures. This identified several areas where this process could be improved.

The Outcome

We assisted with the implementation of the new procedure, PPE equipment, and training for the amended procedure. This in turn gave us the opportunity to assist with the confined space training using the mobile unit. The training was for medium risk and working with the site emergency response team with some confined space rescue training.

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