Personal Protective Equipment used during training

In our Training Academy we are using market-leading Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) from the likes of MSAIKAR, Xtirpa, RidgeGear and Globestock to ensure that you and your employees get a high-level hands-on experience that applies to the type of environment they will experience whilst out at work in the real world.

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PPE for Working at Height Training

At our working at height training sessions, we take extra care to ensure the safety of our learners. We understand the importance of using high-quality gear during training, and we strive always to provide our delegates with top-of-the-line PPE for their safety at all times. All our PPE adheres to international standards and is regularly checked for wear and tear to maintain its effectiveness.

Below are some examples of the specialist PPE equipment we use during our working at height training.

PETZL VERTEX Vented Climbing Helmet

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PPE for Working in Confined Spaces Training

When it comes to confined space training, using best-in-class personal protective equipment (PPE) is imperative for ensuring the safety of our delegates. The PPE we use in our training sessions meets industry standards and provides comprehensive protection against toxic fumes, hazardous materials, and physical hazards. This includes helmets, harnesses and lanyards, full-face respirators or masks with filters, coveralls, and safety goggles as well as gas detectors and rescue devices. 

Below are some examples of the specialist PPE equipment we use during our confined space training.

Dräger Saver Escape Breathing Apparatus

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In addition to the right equipment, our delegates receive thorough training on how to use their PPE to minimise risks associated with confined spaces. With proper PPE and training protocols in place, employees can safely enter and exit confined spaces while minimising the danger involved in these potentially hazardous working environments.

How to buy Eurosafe Products and PPE

Most of the equipment and PPE used during our working at height and confined space training sessions is also available for purchase.

Our team of PPE experts is always ready to provide you with advice and a quote so please don’t hesitate to contact us. You can also browse and download our Products & PPE Brochure for more information. 

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